Lil Jon – Alive (feat. Offset & 2 Chainz)

Artist: Lil Jon feat. Offset & 2 Chainz
Song: “Alive”
Producer: Party Favor, FKi 1st & Lil Jon
Album: TBA
Director: Elliott Sellers & Erik Ferguson

Lil Jon is back with a new video for his trap banger “Alive,” which sees him teaming up with Offset and 2 Chainz. The surreal, animated visual starts off with Jon in a mansion surrounded by bad women, before things take a crazy adventure inside the rapper’s mouth. The crew are out here in another world, posted up on giant boobs and asses.

“I really wanted to do something different, outside the normal, typical hip-hop video,” Jon says. “I’ve always been an artist that thinks ‘outside the box’ and gives my fans somethin’ fresh. Get ready, people are in for a wild ride with this one!”

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