Lil Wayne and Birdman Embrace at Club LIV in Miami

Could the Cold War between Lil Wayne and Birdman be fading? After years of court room litigation, public condemning of Cash Money Records and million dollar lawsuits, it seems like both sides put away their differences. At least for one night.

On Sunday at Club LIV in Miami, Weezy and his father could be seen embracing each other in the VIP area and sharing some words with each other.

The music in the background was too loud to make out what they said to one another, but there didn’t appear to be bad feelings or any sort of aggression towards each other during their reunion.

Baby recently spoke up about his willingness to reconcile with Wayne, even going as far as saying that Tha Carter V is definitely coming out this year.

How long this peace will last remains to be seen. We’ve witnessed the two sides bury the hatchet before, with Weezy coming out and calling out his label at a concert. Hopefully this means C5 will come out of musical purgatory.

UPDATE: TMZ reports that the two sides have been trying to reconcile for months, talking behind closed doors and in private to mend things personally, aside from their $51 million dollar lawsuit. The meeting in Miami was also not planned.

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