Logic & Marshmello – Everyday

Artist: Logic & Marshmello
Song: “Everyday”
Producer: Marshmello
Album: Bobby Tarantino 2
Director: Alan Ferguson

If you feel stuck at your job, even if you work hard, Logic and Marshmello‘s “Everyday” may have some inspiration for you to do things you’ve never done before. In the video for the Bobby Tarantino 2 single, Logic is at his office doing everything for the company, working hard without complaining. After being piled up with work and belittled by his bosses (who are secretly fucking in the office) for months at a time, he falls into a daydream of him at an old age still in the same routine. Except, he rebels and hi-jacks a Lamborghini, trashes the fax machine with some friends, turns into Uncle Drew without the skills on the basketball court and even goes skydiving.

Once he snaps back into real life, he tells off his bosses and quits his job. He actually tries to do everything in his daydream, but fails. So he settles for vandalizing the parking spot sign and drives home happy.

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