Mahalia – Hold On (feat. Buddy)

Mahalia‘s career is only just getting started, but things are already looking really promising for her. Her first official single “Sober” dropped over the summer on Atlantic Records, which gave us a strong indication of what she’s capable of doing with her voice and songwriting skills. This Friday, she’s back another gem called “Hold On,” which sees her teaming up with Compton rapper Buddy, with production from Nana Rogues (Drake’s “Passionfruit”) and Jay Prince.

“It was a bit weird because this was a guy who had always ignored the fact that I fancied him,” she says. “As much as I wanted it – and obviously I did want it, because we’re together now – I didn’t trust it. I didn’t like the fact I had loved him for this long and now all of a sudden he was like ‘OK cool’. So ‘Hold On’ is about not knowing if you want to jump in. And this song is basically me saying to that person, ‘you can have me… if you can hold onto me.'”

OS REWIND: Mahalia – Sober [Music Video]


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