Mariah Carey Talks Original ‘Honey Remix’ With Biggie, Teases Single with Cardi B & Lil Kim


This week, Mariah Carey conducted a rare radio interview, as she sat down with Power 105 to discuss her acclaimed recently-released album, Caution. As the Roc Nation singer gears up to hit the road for her album tour, she touched on her “A No No” single from the album.

This led to teasing a possible remix with Cardi and the Queen Bee, as as she plans to formally reboot Lil Kim’s “Crush on You” classic single. Before things concluded, she also touched on a rare story with The Notorious B.I.G., revealing the late Frank White was originally planned to appear on her 1997 hit-single, “Honey.” Unfortunately, certain events prevented that from happening, as she still worked with Bad Boy’s Puff Daddy, Stevie J Ma$e and Living Off Xperience on the cut.

Take a look below at the full conversation.

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