Mariah Carey’s Lip Sync Failure at ‘New Year’s Rockin Eve’

Mariah Carey has been accused of lip syncing at shows in the past decade, but that was all put on front street and exposed to end the year. The diva performed for New Year’s Rockin Eve and suffered a vocal track malfunction that completely derailed her performance.

The incident came when she was performing her ’90s hit “Emotions,” where she could be seen fumbling the lyrics and notes. She claimed she couldn’t hear the track and let the audience sing along.

Then it happened again while performing “We Belong Together,” visibly frustrated and refusing to lip sync along. As much as she tried to keep it together, she was already getting roasted online from all angles and inside she was probably furious.

Stick to just singing the songs and not fake the funk, Mariah.

After the show, Mariah’s camp and those who worked the sound at New Year’s Rockin Even responded to the allegations and accusations the diva was making.

From Mariah’s people:

“She was not ‘winging’ this moment and took it very seriously. A shame that production set her up to fail. They told her it would be fine once she was on stage. However, that was not the case and they were again told that her ear piece was not working. Instead of endeavoring to fix the issue so that Mariah could perform, they went live.

Any allegations that she planned to lip sync are just adding insult to injury.”

From the sound team working the night:

“The music was provided by her team, there were no fewer than eight audio monitor wedges in front of her and the dancers had no problem syncing up to the music. very monitor and in-ear device worked perfectly. I can’t comment beyond that and don’t know what her nontechnical issue may have been.”

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