Ma$e Responds to Diddy’s Disrespectful Breakfast Club Comments in Brief Rant About Bad Boy History

Mase Responds Diddy Breakfast Club Interview

watch the first IG video below. . .

Mase responds Diddy Breakfast Club interview revealing some information that was never-before made public until things were said. Earlier on the Breakfast Club, Diddy had a few things to say about Ma$e, as the two are sadly back on bad terms.

With Murda Mase planning to do a tour with Jadakiss and Cam’ron this fall, the original plan was for Mase to bring Puffy out and the two make amends one final time to let the world know there was no issues. This was mentioned and revealed by Mase, as the Harlem entrepreneur wanted to vent out issues with his former friend in return.

Take a look at the clip bleow.

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