Mase Explains Controversial Hud 6 Line, Why Puffy Didn’t Allow 50 Cent Deal

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Yesterday, Mase spontaneously showed up at The Angie Martinez Show for an impromptu interview. This marked his first and possibly only in-person conversation we expect the iconic Harlem songwriter to partake in this holiday. Mr. Betha started things a little aggressive, while opening up on his Cam’ron diss, The Oracle,” including breaking down his controversial Huddy 6 line.

Essentially, Killa Cam’s opening track on his The Program mixtape, was the spark that inspired him to reboot his music career. He revealed receiving offers from every major, who were skeptical on whether or not he still had it. Things transitioned to his fall-out with Puff Daddy on not being able to move up in ranks at Bad Boy Records from an artist. This caused Mase to not care about rapping, as he shifted to become a ghost-writer (we’re assuming even during his retirement).

However, in 2005, he linked up with 50 Cent for a possible deal with G-Unit Records, which was pre-empted, due to legal matters from his former boss. In our opinion, Betha used this interview to explain to everyone how Mr. Combs made him work for everything he’s earned over 20 years.

This included, him starting off as a writer in Puff’s mansion closet; where he slept on the floor at the time until he was able to get his own pad. He also cited how his child-hood friend Cam’ron was the freshest one his neighborhood and would get hand-me-down clothing from his former brother.

He also touched on his brief rift with J. Cole, as the two would immediately pair things to the point where Mase revealed he’s currently inspired by the North Carolina great. Watch more from the conversation below, where he also breaks down how he’s not religious or a pastor.

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