Mayer Hawthorne – The Game

Artist: Mayer Hawthrone
Song: “The Game
Producer: Mayer Hawthorne
Album: The Game
Director: Alexis Sepkovic, Pele Kudren

We’ve heard plenty of music from the Tuxedo duo of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One lately, especially after that Tuxedo III album. But from Hawthorne on his dolo shit, it’s been a few years. He’s dropping a new album titled The Game soon, though, and he’s dropped the video for the title track today to keep his fans satisfied. The clip is very comedic, though at first it plays out as a repeating loop. Mayer goes to save a shorty (as Zorro?) from this old guy and every time the sequence plays out, there’s a slightly different ending.

OS REWIND: Mayer Hawthorne – Time for Love [Music Video]

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