Medhane – I’m Deadass

Artist: Medhane
Song: “I’m Deadass”
Producer: iblss
Album: Cold Water
Director: Elijah Maura

Brooklyn rapper Medhane has announced that his new album Cold Water will be released on May 26th.

To go with the news, he’s sharing the video for the first single “I’m Deadass.” Medhane is still fresh off dropping his Full Circle project this past February.

Check out the tracklist below.

01. Off tha Strength (feat. KeiyaA)
02. No Cap
03. Late
04. All Facts
05. New Drip
06. Live!
07. TRS (feat. Navy Blue)
08. Na Fr
09. Watch My Step (feat. Jadasea)
10. Truth & Soul
11. Full Hands(feat. Maxo)
12. I’m Deadass
13. Don’t Fuck Around
14. Bun Down Babylon
15. On Me/You

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