Mel Murda’s ‘Super Violated’ 6ix9ine Phone Call Leaked by FBI in Tr3yway Wiretap

Supa Dupa Violated. . .

With 6ix9ine week 1 coming to an end on Thursday, more information surfaces for hip-hop’s biggest trial ever. In the hours leading up to the initial raid, the FBI were planning their final notions on arresting Tekashi and his former right-hand guy, Shotti.

However, a phone call with Mel Murda led to the FEDs quickly sweeping in before anything happened to 6ix9ine, after cutting all ties with anything related to Tr3yway.

Following Thursday’s court hearing in Manhattan, the secretly recorded audio surfaced, which was revealed as the initial reasoning for the unfortunate raid.

Take a listen below to the audio and let us know in the comments what you think.

Super violated

rep ya hood. . .

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