EXCLUSIVE: Mistake Quando Rondo Made after King Von’s Death When Public Compared Him to Gucci Mane

Wait until the cases are over. . .

Just last week, Quando Rondo released his “End of Story” song, which addressed the entire King Von shooting incident. The unfortunate night happened earlier this month; where the two rappers got into a physical altercation, that went deadly. Since that time, there’s been an alleged multi-million bounty on the Georgia rapper, that has gotten the attention of the FBI.

Now, with NBA YoungBoy also increasing his security and entourage; we have noticed one thing that shouldn’t have happened. During the time of the song’s release, many fans compared Quando’s “End of Story” diss track at the dead, to Gucci Mane’s “Truth” diss song at Young Jeezy and Pookie Loc.

Last weekend, the two made a truce for the entire world to see, as Gucci had remorse for the situation after the event. However, at the time in 2005, Wop did have to stand ground and protect his family. In that same sentiment, here’s where Quando Rondo went wrong and is continuing on a bad path with the entire situation.

Due to the entire King Von shooting still being under investigation and only person arrested for allegedly discharging a weapon; Quando should’ve never recorded anything. Gucci’s situation was entirely different when he recorded “The Truth.” He released the track after he was exonerated of charges and the entire case was closed.

This is an open case, which could jeopardize the freedom of Rondo and anyone else that was with him that night. Since online trolls have already done the police’s job with breaking down the case, Rondo’s security has been on high alert. With the family and friends of King Von still mourning the situation; it’s a delicate topic to immediately address just weeks after the event.

Earlier this weekend, his concert show (during quarantine tf?) was shut down by the Mayor of Georgia and Police. Since then, he’s been adamant that no outside crew had any influence by showing up to his event. Instead, he’s citing it was club promoters as well.

Take a look at media below.

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