Mount Westmore – Big Subwoofer

Artist: Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Too $hort
Song: “Big Subwoofer”
Producer: Kato
Album: The Algorithm
Director: Jesse Wellens, Sam Macaroni

If you’re not familiar with Mount Westmore, you are very familiar with who’s in the group. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 and Too $hort have all come together to form a supergroup and now have a single to bump. “Big Subwoofer” certainly has the bass loud and all of the veteran rappers are bringing the old school back.

The visual finds them flying a spaceship and landing on a weird planet, with Avatar-looking girls and aliens dressed in Las Vegas Raiders gear.

Here’s what The Doggfather had to say about the record:

“There’s so much talent on this record. So many styles of music, it breaks the algorithm. Right now, the algorithm is telling us you have to rap this way, you have to sound this way, but they’re not telling you how it’s supposed to feel. My algorithm is going to give you a feeling, not a sound.”

Look for this track to land on the upcoming Snoop The Algorithm album.

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