Murs & 9th Wonder – Night Shift

Artist: Murs & 9th Wonder
Song: “Night Shift”
Producer: Kash
Album: The Iliad is Dead & The Odyssey Is Over

Murs and 9th Wonder recently announced their new album The Iliad is Dead & The Odyssey Is Over by dropping two new singles. Today, the longtime rapper and producer duo are back with a video for one of those tracks, “Night Shift.”

“I didn’t take this lightly,” Murs told Billboard. “I sacrificed weeks away from my family, to write in seclusion and work with this team and hopefully make my best album to date. I am a true artist and my aim for the past two decades has been to master my craft. I am not an athlete. My age and longevity is not a limitation, it is a blessing. My focus isn’t what’s best for my brand — it’s what’s best for the music.”

The new project drops July 19th.

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