How Nas Showed Hip-Hop OGs to Embrace the Youth with 21 Savage ‘One Mic, One Gun’ Song

Nas, 21 Savage ‘One Mic, One Gun’ Song

Respect to the gawds. . .

Nas, 21 Savage ‘One Mic, One Gun’ song is the surprise release from Escobar, as a bonus cut to King’s Disease 3 with Hit-Boy. For years, we’ve seen bad dialogue and communication with the hip-hop OGs and the Young Kings.

This was evident earlier this month, when 21 Savage said questionable comments regarding whether Nas was still relevant in today’s rap climate. While many expected the legendary Queensbridge rapper to respond back in a defensive manner, Escobar showed the rest of rap how to be the bigger person in a situation like this.

In past years, the super elite OGs like Nas and the youth have never collaborated for the most part, outside of a few in the mainstream. Hopefully this is a step towards the right way in seeing this happen more often, so this doesn’t happen to the current artists down the line.

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