The Reason Why OG New York Bloods Are Mad at West Coast after Pop Smoke Situation

💫 East vs. West is not happening

This week, NY Bloods leader Corey King went on the gram live to vent about the death of Pop Smoke. Although the Brooklyn rapper was a Crip, he was beloved by many Bloods linked to the Woo movement, including highly reputable OGs. This one kind of hurt the town more than a regular death, because Pop was only 20, but he was also killed on the west coast.

The reason why Corey King and a lot of reputable OGs are mad from NY, is because they’ve been unofficial security for many out of towners that come to the city for checks. Regardless of who runs mainstream scene in rap, everybody still goes to Manhattan to get paid from the labels, as well as building their brand.

Some of the official people like CK treated west coast respectable people like royalty. This was in a sense of spreading the word out that they were coming in town; as well as making sure they made it to their hotel room safe.

Essentially, they expected this same treatment for Pop Smoke in Los Angeles last week, before his untimely death. A no-fly zone was put into effect for certain hip-hop entertainers on the left side, as you can take a look at media below.

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