The Reason Nicki Minaj Battled Tracy Chapman Over “Sorry” & Fall Out with Nas

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Nicki Minaj battled Tracy Chapman “Sorry” single, Nas fallout explained after news went public of a half-million loss for the Southside legend. This week, Nicki Minaj officially lost in court, where she was ordered to pay Tracy Chapman $450,000 for copyright infringement over 1998 single, “Baby Can I Hold You.”

This dates back to 2018, when Nicki Minaj was readying the release of her QUEEN album, and premiered her remake on Hot 97 with Funk Flex. In court, a DJ had to allegedly confirm the origins of the track, which was pinned on the Southside rapper. A year earlier, Nicki’s team thought a relationship with Nas would be good for her career, including gifting him with an Illmatic-customed Mercedes-Benz 190E.

At the 2017 shoot, things went left with Esco, as the pair quickly ended their brief relationship before rumors started leaking. However, still sitting on the song a year later, Nicki violated Tracy’s wishes of not being sampled and released an official version that couldn’t be cleared for her album. The reason Nicki went behind her back, is because she’s not used to being told no by authority.

Rightfully so, the Queen has been in the game for three different decades and has kept relevancy all this time with nonsense she’s put up with. This track would’ve been perfect for her QUEEN album, which was missing a key track like this one – and Minja knew this.

However, she should’ve respected Tracy’s wishes to not sample her cut, where Chapman felt it disrespected the artist. Originally, this was a $20 million suit that Tracy Chapman lost. For Nicki Minaj, the $450,000 was to cover lawyer fees and time in court. In our opinion, nothing got accomplished from either side, where Nicki fired her old team over the situation.

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