Nicki Minaj Calls Out New Generation of Female Rappers with Truth

Nicki Minaj, Jesy Nelson October 2021 Full Instagram Live

“Just Be Honest” – Patrice O’Neal

Nicki Minaj, Jesy Nelson October 2021 full Instagram live, has her examining a trend of non-humbled entertainers complaining about listeners. Monday afternoon, Barbie took to social media to show support to Jesy Nelson for criticism of her Boyz music video.

While appearing in the visual, which pays homage to Puff Daddy, Nicki stood by Jesy after claims of Blackfishing from members of the UK singer’s former band. However, what stuck out the most to us and many from the conversation, was Nicki confused at the new generation of female rappers not being able to take criticism.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a slew of rappers complain about their album sales, as well as releasing songs that don’t receive high praise (on TikTok).

Take a look at the content below.

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