Nipsey Hussle Rates Cheetos Chopsticks, Pit Bulls & Pajamas In Public

It’s always dope to learn a little more about artists on the most random topics. Nipsey Hussle is next up to tackle the infamous “Over/Under” interview and in this segment, he’s rating shit like opera listening chickens, horseback riding and snake charming.

As far as things he fucked with, surprisingly, he said Vanilla Ice. He said regardless of his age now, he used to do the dance back in the day and considering “Ice Ice Baby” is a classic, he can’t hate on it. He also told a story about his Pit Bull named Capone, who got run over by a car and how sad the hood was when that happened. Lastly, he said he fucks with naked shortys doing yoga, but don’t invite him to a session because he won’t go. Cheetos chopsticks are also underrated.

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