N.O.R.E. Explains What Really Killed New York Rap

It wasn’t 50 Cent taking over everything either

Friday morning, N.O.R.E. was guest on Everyday Struggle to touch on an array of topics. While promoting his recently released Uno Más single with Pharrell, the legendary Queens rapper went to give a break-down of why he believes Kodak Black is modern-day Tupac Shakur.

Following the comparison, he did give a valid reason why the South Florida rapper could be viewed in that claim. Things soon transitioned what in his opinion caused New York rap to die last decade. He explained how rappers not meeting in person to bounce back ideas and using emails as a means of communication, as the real reason why it hasn’t gained notoriety like the south.

Watch more from the interview below, where he also touches the best rap group duos and why Taxstone was the person who blew up rap podcasts two years ago.

Norega on Everyday Struggle!

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