OS Flashback: Spice-1 – Trigga Gots No Heart

It’s no secret that we’ve been on our soundtrack music shit over the last few weeks, with both the East and West Coast playlist being on rotation ever since. Yesterday, after watching DJ Khaled’s short film No New Friends,” it made us realize how much we miss seeing rappers doing them, no matter what the premise behind the lenses is.

As New Orleans legend Juvenile would say “Menace II Society is all we watch,” which has remained a constant staple for most our lives, and next month is the films 20-year anniversary. Seeing MC Eiht & Too $hort with acting roles in the film was always a rare ocurrence, inspiring us to do this flashback for the day.

One of our favorite artists from the bay, Spice 1, provided a song on the soundtrack titled “Trigga Gots No Heart.” The movies messages still live on in today’s society, and we felt that was necessary to provide for you all with that today, since the summer is approaching. Youngn’s stay safe in them streets, word to the motto of the song.

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