The OVO Mole Reveals Themself with Receipts, Threatens Drake & DJ Akademiks

OVO Mole Reveals Receipts, Threatens Drake

this media is already saved, no need to erase….

OVO mole reveals receipts, threatens Drake and DJ Akademiks, as the rabbit hole is dug a little deeper during this war of words. Over the last week, we’ve watched major media on TV try to turn this battle from audio to violence.

Following some unfortunate situations in Toronto over the last two weeks, Top Dawg Entertainment is staying clear of negativity and only focusing on positivity on their side of the tracks. Now that the battle is over and there’s a new King of Rap for foreseeable future, someone with the OVO Camp is still a little disgruntled with The Boy.

Friday night, this anonymous person took to social media to reveal some information pertaining to rhymes Kung Fu Kenny has said on wax.

Take a look at media below and be your own judge of what to believe.

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