Pardison Fontaine – Backin’ It Up (feat. Cardi B)

Artist: Pardison Fontaine feat. Cardi B
Song: “Backin’ It Up”
Producer: J-Louis
Album: TBD
Director: Kid Art

It wasn’t too long ago when Cardi B dedicated a social media post to Pardison Fontaine for helping her find her voice before the success on Love & Hip-Hop. She hasn’t forgotten that love and is now paying back the favor through Pardi’s new single “Backin’ It Up,” which sounds like it could make some serious waves in the tri-state and beyond. In the video for the record, Fontaine is seen in a pizza parlor kicking game to a shorty, before Bartier Bardi comes through with the cameo and shuts it down (channeling OG Lil Kim).

This shit is a go.

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