Pop Smoke Refusing to Snitch on the Woos to FEDs Brings New Light to Lack of Security before Death

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Pop Smoke refused to snitch on Woos to Federal Government; after the NYPD tried to flip him weeks before death. For those that don’t know, the Woos are filled with several street teams throughout the city of NYC and beyond. What many don’t know is that Nine-Treyway of Brooklyn, fall under the Woo umbrella.

So, this is beyond what people and publications think for only left-flag people. Today, information was made public, that Pop Smoke was approached by the federal government to turn on the Woos, in exchange for freedom. Considering Pop Smoke had moved clean upon entering the rap game; they essentially had nothing on him and used a scare tactic with immunity.

As expected, the official WOO declined to cooperated with the any federal agent and NYPD member. The attempt happened back in December, when he was arrested for possessing a stolen $375,000 Rolls Royce Wraith. Detectives asked him about several Woo members; as well shootings happening in neighborhood of Canarsie. In January 2020, he was slapped with a federal charge’ and soon granted a release from jail on conditions.

While receiving a $250,000 bond, he agreed to stay away from known gang members and submit drug tests to US pretrial services. The FEDs wanted information on his affiliates of the 8 Trey Cowboy Crip, 90’s G-Stone Crip, Slattery Boys and Vice Lords – all enemies of the Gangster Disciples.

His lawyer, Peter Frankel, issued statements saying, “Any conversation with Pop about cooperation was a very short one. It’s something he would never entertain doing. They hoped the force of the federal indictment would persuade him to cooperate; meet and speak with them. It’s not uncommon for the federal government to become involved in an investigation; when they believe that doing so will help them in a way a state court prosecution may not be able to do.”

He was held in jail until January 17 of this year; when his mom had to put up her house to bail him out of jail. Sadly, the Brooklyn legend was facing 10 years in prison for the stolen car. However, by linking up with the right people and being honorable; we’re for sure he would’ve beat his case.

Two weeks before he died, he was granted permission to go to Los Angeles, after a February 3rd hearing. However, if you remember, known gang members weren’t allowed to travel and be with him. So, Pop Smoke was forced to go to California alone with his family members and minimal security.

We’re blaming the federal government for not allowing him to protect himself outside of his comfort zone in New York, which isn’t being talked about. It’s not that he went to Hollywood Hills and was caught lacking. He wasn’t allowed to have anybody with him, while trying to meet people and shake hands in the industry.

So, by trying to take the next major business step in his career and leave the street life behind for hood; this enabled powers that be to move in.

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