Promnite – Gunsmoke (feat. Denzel Curry, Nell, J.K. The Reaper & Twelve’len)


Los Angeles and Fool’s Gold producer Promnite has released a posse track titled “Gunsmoke,” which puts a focus on the “kill or be killed” mentality. “We live in precarious times right now and less is certain now than ever before,” Promnite says alongside the release. “A lot of people listen to a trap song or some hood shit and are really into the energy of it because it seems cool, but have no clue about the racial climate that people of color have to deal with growing up in those areas.”

The song features some of Florida’s rising names, Denzel Curry, Nell, Twelve’len, along with J.K. The Reaper and additional production from Mr. Carmack.

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