QueenzFlip Talks Close Encounter Between Alpo and King Earner, Leaks Po Phone Call

Interview on the way. . .

Over the last year, we’ve seen King Earner go on YouTube and make some comments towards Alpo. While Po is yet publicly confront the Philly native about that situation, things almost came to a head last night in lower Manhattan.

QueenzFlip was filming content with Earner, as he received a mysterious message from Paparazzi Po, son on Alpo Martinez. This led to an hour-long conversation between Po and Flip, where the two made official plans for an interview in the coming weeks (first ever on camera for Po).

However, Flip’s son noticed a mysterious vehicle circling their Manhattan studio, and alerted his dad immediately. This led to Flip warning Earner that he didn’t feel the right tension in the air, as Queenz beefed up building security.

Take a listen to the conversation below and let us know in the comments what you think.

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