R. Kelly Is Being Held in Solitary Confinement, Fears For His Life

At this point, R. Kelly has been arrested a number of times and most people would probably say he should remain in jail for all of the crimes he’s committed. It was not too long ago, that he was indicted on child pornography charges, obstruction of justice and more, by the feds. Turns out, some people from his inner circle turned in about 20 tapes showing the singer performing acts with underage girls.

Now that he’s locked up in federal prison, Kelly is making it known that he doesn’t mind solitary confinement, where he is being currently held.

According to TMZ, he told his lawyer that he fears for his life and what inmates may do to him if he was in general population. He says he’s in “real danger.”

According to his lawyer, this could complicate things for him, not only because he’ll have no contact with anyone in solitary confinement, but the fact that he can’t read or write will only make completing tasks harder for him. At his current location, he can only have 15 minutes a month of phone privilege, compared to any time, if he were in the general population.

We’ll see how long he lasts in solitary confinement. For those who know a little about that, it’s not pleasant and folks end up worse when they’re isolated.


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