Ralo Finally Granted Bail by U.S. Government after R.I.C.O. Charges, No Co-Defendants Snitched

Ralo coming home. . .

Over the last few months, Ralo’s inner-circle has been teasing his release from prison. Following a major 2018 R.I.C.O. arrest, the Atlanta rapper was held without bail for over two years. However, after an illegal investigation and lawyer’s forcing him to take to a fake guilty plea, a Georgia judge granted him bail.

This Friday, July 10th, Ralo is set to appear in court before the state, where he’ll be released from jail.

Ralo was initially arrested April 2018, where he was charged with conspiracy to distribute over 440 pounds of marijuana. Along with co-defendants boarding a plane, Ralo has been adamant of his innocence; as well as several major names behind-the-scenes showing up to his court hearing this week.

Ghazi Shami, CEO and founder of Empire Distribution, was present, where Ralo will be on 24-hour house arrest surveillance. There, he’ll be able to record music, as well as film music videos from house; where he’s expected to resume his career.

The biggest part of this situation, is that no one arrested with Ralo, spoke once with the FEDs. So, none of his co-defendants worked with the government; as well as opting to not take plea deals.

With the FEDs unable to directly pin Ralo with distributing some marijuana; we’re sure his inner circle will be limited to business associates and his immediate family. The Atlanta rapper will be under extreme watch by the FBI, as they’ve taken a loss for this failed case.

Well-known entertainment security enforcer, Jimmy Martin, will be providing safety for Ralo. He’ll have to keep the courts updated on his whereabouts; which we’re sure he’ll be moving cleanly and different – beyond this case. Look for the rest of his co-defendants to also return home in the coming months from an illegal investigation.

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