Rare 2pac Interview Featured on Kendrick Lamar’s Album

If you already gave Kendrick Lamar‘s new album To Pimp A Butterfly a spin, you probably heard the 12-minute outro titled “Mortal Man” where K Dot is speaking to 2pac. For those who didn’t know or were aware from where that came from, Tupac Shakur’s words came from a rare Swedish interview in New York in November of 1994, only two weeks before the infamous shooting at the lobby of Quad Studios.

The conversation between Kendrick and Tupac touches deep about how ‘Pac kept the faith, what “the ground” meant when he talked about it in records and poems, what this generation would do if a big tragedy happened, and how the rich keep getting richer. It was spliced from the interview above and it plays in between some of 2pac’s biggest hits and Swedish talk you may not understand. There’s a good chance you’ll hear why K Dot was so inspired.

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