Raury – God’s Whisper

Click image to watch Raury “God’s Whisper” music video

Once you press play on Raury’s single “God’s Whisper,” you should immediately gravitate to it. There’s something about how different it is. Coupled with the fact that you can’t even really pinpoint the sound he’s coming with. It’s like a mesh of Bon Iver, mixed with J. Ivy, a slower version of the breakdown on Kanye West‘s “Lost In The World” and no real rapping on it. The chants are catchy and give you a feeling of hope.

The visual follows the story of four friends who do what young’ns are known to do in this day and age: get into a little trouble, fuck around during the day, go on random adventures and hang with a large group of friends by the night fall. We’ll go ahead and assume, this is what a typical Saturday is like for young Raury.

Directed by Andrew Donoho.

Artist: Raury
Song:God’s Whisper
Producer: Raury
Album: Indigo Child
Director: Andrew Donoho


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