Reason Explains Making It in Today’s Game, Signing to TDE & New Album

Joe Budden has a PSA for all artists out there trying to get on the show: He hates all of you and doesn’t want you on his show. He told everyone on Saturday’s podcast that when they have guests on the show, it’s because they actually want to talk to them. Rory invited TDE’s Reason to the show because they rock with him after talking about There You Have It on the show.

First thing’s first, he broke down if it is harder to get on and popping today than in the ’90s (after the show has been talking about the topic for weeks) and he said it’s easier to pop once you have the right situation, but there’s so many artists trying to get to Point A. Once you’re at A, you can go to Z quicker than back in the day.

He also talked about the pressures of being signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, how he was found and talked about returning with another album at the top of 2019. He’s been working with the in-house production at the label and spoke on the growth that they will hear behind the projects. Interestingly, he also touched on what he wants his legacy to be, as far as what he wants to accomplish in his career.

It was funny how Joe was confusing Reason for Logic too.

If you didn’t catch the Saturday edition of the Joe Budden Podcast, you can catch up with Reason’s interview up top now that they released the video for it.

OS REWIND: REASON – Situations [Music Video]

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