Rhythm Roulette: Chase N. Cashe

You know what time it is when the Rhythm Roulette connects with a producer. This time it’s with New Orleans producer Chase N. Cashe and he’s being put to the test to see what he can cook up after blindly choosing a few records from a record store. Luckily, he had some good picks, because Chase found ill samples to work with. A few of the songs he listened to were duds, but luckily for him, the gems were hidden and he went straight to the computer to try to flip the samples.

He actually came up with two, both piano driven samples, which sounded dope after he cooked them up. Of course, those probably weren’t the official final product, but the rough ideas still sounded sick. Will they ever surface and show up on a rapper’s track? Let’s hope.

OS REWIND: Deconstructed with Chase N. Cashe: The Making of “Look What You’ve Done”

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