Rhythm Roulette: David Banner

You know how this goes, a producer gets blindfolded, picks vinyl from a shop and then goes back to the lab to cook up a beat from the samples. For this Rhythm Roulette episode, David Banner picked some classics by Chicago, Gladys Knight & the Pips‘ and the MetersCabbage Alley, which he was most excited for. As soon as he found the sample, it was time for the chops and crafting the beat. He slowed down the vocals and added a bounce that still had that thump.

He even took it a step further and turned Chicago’s “Call on Me,” to a whole song, jumping in the booth that ended up being “Paper.” You can hear the record at the end of the clip.

OS REWIND: David Banner – Black Fist (feat. Tito Lopez) [Music Video]

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