Rick Ross Explains Why ‘YOLO’ Album with Drake Never Released

This can still happen, though. .

Arguably, one of our personal most-anticipated albums in the genre of rap last decade, was Rick Ross and Drake’s ‘YOLO’ project. After missing some time on the project, due to internal issues with Birdman and Meek Mill on both sides, the pair never found time to sit down and work. In a recent conversation, Rozay touched on linking up with The Boy in the early 2010s, where previous mentioned issues held YOLO from coming to fruition.

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Do you have a preference? with Drake?
Well, me and Drake, we done made history. I love when I’m in an arena and “Stay Schemin” comes on. It gets dark. Every light on the cell phones come on and everybody’s screaming, they dead homie, dead brother, whatever it is. As well as “I’m On One,” as well as “Aston Martin Music.” You know what I’m saying? And the list go on.

Whenever I collaborate with the homie, it’s always the best of the best. So, if we just kicking some street shit, and if it feel like some YOLO shit or if it feel like some “Aston Martin Music” shit or “Gold Roses,” I always find the best in it. Because whenever we collaborate, I love when I hear him go from bars to switching that shit all the way to the tune of Keith Sweat. That’s something that keeps him in his own lane. So I enjoy both.

The YOLO Tape. Is there any chance of it ever happening, even if it’s by another name at this point?
That was just a vibe. You never know what could happen in the future, but me and Drake, him being in Miami at that time [in 2011-2012], and him coming by the crib every day, we was spending a lot of time together. And it was a serious possibility. We wasn’t just talking shit. We really was in the studio a lot. It’s just not the same no more. Meaning, the way he travel and the way I move. But is it a possibility? There’s always a possibility for that, because it would be simple for us.

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