Rob Markman – Strongest Woman I Know

Mr. Consistent aka Rob Markman, has been doing his thing the past few months. From records that are catered to the shortys, to boom bap jams where he’s talking his shit, Rob has had a wide range and plenty of variety with his releases. His latest release, “Strongest Woman I Know,” is from the vault and dear to his heart. The track is dedicated to his mother who beat lung cancer after being diagnosed last September. Though he recorded it last year, he has shared the record, which was recorded from a place of fear, nervousness and lots of emotion.

Here’s what Markman had to say about the track:

“Throughout her entire fight, my job was to be there for her, for whatever she needed. I made sure I was at every doctor’s appointment, all the surgeries, the hospital stay. I told myself I had to be strong for her, be her rock and no matter what I was feeling, I couldn’t show it— not in front of her at least.

I went to the studio the night we got her diagnosis and this is what came out. I just wanted to put my feelings down, I needed an outlet.— so this song is a whole year old.”

God bless his mother for beating cancer and being healthy today.

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