Ron Suno – Wraith (feat. DDG)


Ron Sumo ‘Wraith’ music video, is the newly-released single and visual after the Bronx rapper’s summer SWAG LIKE MIKE album.

Ron Suno was just a 13-year-old kid from The Bronx when he started rhyming in 2014, and even dropped a song titled “Murder.” But even at such a young age, Ron wanted to enter other avenues to bring attention to his music, so he decided to focus his energy on being an online comedian at 15 years old. Bronx-based rapper Ron Suno is taking over New York with high-energy drill music and an entertaining online presence. Ron Suno (born Keron Foriest) began rapping at the age of 13, but it was his comedy that originally caused him to go viral: In 2017, he was responsible for the social trends #WeaveChallenge, which helped him gain over half a million Instagram followers in only a matter of months.

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