Rory Breaks Silence on Joe Budden Issues, as Rumors of Legal Action Emerge

Rory speaks. . . .

Rory breaks silence Joe Budden podcast firing, as multiple people around the industry believe a major lawsuit is going to happen against Jumpoff. With the national media story gaining attention from everyone, Rory waited until the end of the day to share a response. Without jumping out the window and sending a clap back, he simply said that he wanted to celebrate an amazing run with his former co-worker.

However, in that same sentiment, he said “I’ll get to that messy shit soon.” Well, word around is that he’s engaging in a serious lawsuit against Buddens, which counter-action was briefly mentioned by Joey saying no one could start another show for a year. While Joe has been adamant on them never coming back, this revelation from Rory confirms that we’ll never see him on the platform again.

This will likely be the first and only time we see Rory speak about this situation on social media. We’re under the assumption that he’ll only be talking with lawyers going forward, including unfortunate lawsuits that will happen. Take a look at the comments below and let us know in the comments what you think.

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