Sabrina Claudio – Unravel Me

Artist: Sabrina Claudio
Song: “Unravel Me”
Producer: N/A
Album: TBD
Director: Sasha Samsonova

We’d heard of Sabrina Claudio but never really dove deep into her music, with her Confidently Lost album getting lost in the shuffle of projects we should check out. We’re officially woke with “Unravel Me,” though. The Miami, FL singer/songwriter has a perfect song for the bedroom during the late night and we’re lowkey waiting for the sun to go down, lights to turn off and mood to be right to break this one out because a child needs to be conceived out of wedlock to this. And as you can see from the new video, she’s fine as fuck. When she comes out of that white gown, it’s a wrap. Who knows what the butterflies have to do with anything, but we were hypnotized with Sabrina less than 30 second in.

One thing is for sure, this single is smooth as hell and will be on repeat for a minute.

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