Safaree Explains Why He Believes Nicki Minaj is Shook of Cardi B

Safaree x Everyday Struggle

This week, Safaree was recent guest on Everyday Struggle, to open up on an array of topics in his personal life. While giving the status of his rift with Meek Mill, the Brooklyn rapper touched on an elephant in the room topic, Nicki Minaj. While Scaff Beezy has opted not to talk bad about his former ex in public, he is also shying away from any rumored rifts she may have with fellow female artists in the game. Joe Budden went to explain to the public that Safaree is on gag order from talking about Ms. Minaj in a negative light or mentioning that he can’t say anything at all. Before the conversation ended, Scaff also touched on Cardi B receiving congrats from Nicki, which Safaree believed was a false congratulatory move. Take a look at the full interview below.

Disclaimer: Skip to 25:00 for Nicki stuff.

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