Samm Henshaw – Church (feat. EARTHGANG)

Artist: Samm Henshaw feat. EARTHGANG
Song: “Church”
Producer: Josh Grant
Album: TBA
Director: Chris Muir & Carlos Lopez Estrada

After dropping the single last month, Samm Henshaw and EARTHGANG are back with the official video for “Church.” In it, the UK singer floats around town on a cloud, before the Dreamville duo come soaring through the sky. They make it into church and turn the place into an all-out celebration with a gospel choir.

“My fight with my parents was, ‘Listen, if you really want me to be into this, and get it, let me do it for myself,'” Henshaw told Complex UK. “But eventually in my own time, I found my way back. Now, I go pretty much every Sunday!”

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