Sasha Keable – Treat Me Like I’m All Yours

Artist: Sasha Keable
Song: “Treat Me Like I’m All Yours”
Director: Savannah Setten

Sasha Keable was one of our favorite new singers when she emerged back in 2013. After taking a little time out, the London singer is finally back and releasing new music. Following a song called “That’s the Shit” last year, Sasha is sharing a video for her latest single “Treat Me Like I’m All Yours,” which is all about wanting to be noticed.

“I wrote ‘Treat Me Like I’m All Yours’ when I was sexually frustrated – I was annoyed that my man was more interested in his phone and friends than me,” she says of the song. “It’s a bit playful, not 100% serious and has elements of dark humour within it. It’s also about being wanted and lusted over, which we know can fizzle out over time in a relationship on both sides so I wanted to explore that and see how I could balance being wanted and being angry at a person all at the same time.”

Sasha’s MEN EP arrives April 26th.

OS REWIND: Sasha Keable – That’s the Shit

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