ScHoolboy Q Opens Up About Depression

For those who follow ScHoolboy Q on Instagram, you’ll know all about his obsession with golf. In an interview with GQ ahead of his CrasH Talk album (out this Friday), the TDE rapper opens up about his love for the sport and how it also helps with his mental health.

“Being in the house so damn much can drive you crazy,” Q said. “Golf taught me patience, and you need that in the music industry, because this shit is evil.”

He continued, “I’d be in the house smoking weed, just waiting to go to the studio every day. That’s not a good life. That brings on depression. You know how bad it is when you’re going through all this shit in your head and all you’re doing is going to the studio and back home? It’s toxic for your kid, too.”

Read the full GQ article HERE.

OS REWIND: ScHoolboy Q – CrasH

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