Shyne Po Explains Complete Bad Boy Nightclub Shooting & What Really Happened with Diddy

Shyne Po Drink Champs 2022 Interview

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Shyne Po Drink Champs 2022 interview is the Brooklyn rapper’s first uncensored conversation to open up on his entire transition from the streets. It’s very rare that we get to see Shyne Po in this kind of environment, given his current situation of being an international political leader.

However, with more politicians and people in power going to urbanized media platforms to discuss their plans to try and help those in need, Shyne met up with longtime friend NORE at the Drink Champs podcast.

There, Po discussed the entire Club New York Shooting, which landed him in jail for almost 10 years, and what really happened when the lives of Jennifer Lopez, Puffy and Wolf were threatened by someone.

What shocked us the most, was the maturity of Shyne, saying that he and Puff are brothers again after realizing the severity of the situation in their 20s.

Take a look at the complete conversation below.

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