Sinead Harnett – Quarantine Queen

Artist: Sinead Harnett
Song: “Quarantine Queen”
Producer: Linden Jay
Album: TBD

We might all be social distancing differently and quarantining alone, but the truth of the matter is, we’re all in this COVID-19 fight together. While we’ve seen and heard plenty of records that refer the coronavirus pandemic, Sinead Harnett‘s captures what we’re all experiencing pretty accurately with “Quarantine Queen.” Not to mention, she made a dope track to go along with it. Sinead had this to say about the record:

“When the world got turned upside down and we went into lockdown, life as we knew it changed catastrophically. Though there are good sides to this, ie: the slower pace, appreciating the simple things and being able to relax, the chilling question that weighs on my heart is ‘am I gonna die alone?’ That worrying emotion is what brought about ‘Quarantine Queen.’ Though a sad thought, there is hope in the song from a wider standpoint – what can we as a nation learn from this time in terms of how we are living. I hope that we will change for the better, that’s really what I was getting at.”

While you’d expect something else from the title alone, she keeps it real and for the clip, she’s prancing around in different outfits being silly and singing the song.

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