Skylar Spence – I Can’t Be Your Superman

Artist: Skylar Spence
Song:I Can’t Be Your Superman
Producer: Skylar Spence
Album: Prom King
Director: Maegan Houang

We’re big fans of Skylar Spence and this new video for one of his singles off Prom King is very much entertaining. After a store owner gets beat up by some goons, the girl doing nails escapes and thinks of a way to help, so she mixes toxic chemicals and throws them at the assailants. That’s when things get weird and the guys’ faces turn into one big ass middle finger each, as the girl goes a back and forth state of dream and reality.

At the end of it, she couldn’t save the guy who got beat up and burns up the attackers nice and crisp with the chemicals until they’re all dead. She’s no hero.

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