Snoop Dogg Dissed Biggie but Here’s the Catch, Dr. Dre Also Mocked the East Coast with 2pac

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Dating back to 1994, there was already tension with the East and West Coast. While many thought Tupac came out and started an entire war, that wasn’t the case. Before Makaveli arrived to Death Row, Suge’s team was already dissing Bad Boy Records.

After the 95 Source Awards, Snoop recorded his songs dissing Biggie, as well as the infamous Dr. Dre Death Row intro dissing the entire East Coast. We’re curious why neither party took responsibility for actions, since there’s been conflicting reports with how things really went down with 2pac.

Many of you should remember the Hot 97 incident, where The Notorious B.I.G. found out Snoop and The Dogg Pound were filming their “NY, NY” music video. The set ended prematurely, with bullets hitting the trailers of Snoop and The Pound. However, right before 2pac arrived to Death Row, Snoop was fighting for his life in a murder trial.

With Dr. Dre and Suge having their fallout, Dre didn’t go to the sentencing hearing, where Snoop was acquitting of all charges. This is where 2pac felt Dre didn’t show loyalty to the family, as the Doctor had his own personal issues with Suge, allegedly regarding a lady he had a relationship with.

After Snoop was found not guilty, he never dissed Biggie or anyone else again; which was right when Tupac arrived to Death Row. So, anytime you ever heard Snoop on a track throwing disses, it was previously recorded track with new Makaveli vocals from Daz Dillinger.

Months later Snoop was on hot 97, revealing that he had no problems with Bad Boy or Mobb Deep, saying that he loved Puffy and Biggie. This happened a few days before the Las Vegas shooting, that took the life of 2pac.

So, Snoop and Makaveli weren’t eye-to-eye before the Vegas trip, which led to Death Row leaving town without Tha Dogg Pound.

Dogg is in the clear of dissing Biggie during the government-fueled east coast vs. west coast war. However, he’s not innocent in partaking in dissing the east coast, as well as Dr. Dre.

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