Shocking Information Revealed in Leaked Star Brim-Affiliated 59 FED Court Document File

Free The 🅱️rims

Last week, Yonette ‘Star Brim’ Respass was formally indicted by the Federal Government in their take-down of the 59 Brims Blood set of NY. In the court documents, she was the only person listed on both violent and conspiracy acts; which warrants a total of 50 years.

Prosecutors believe that Star was allegedly the Godmother of the 59 Brims, as well as being the person who made the call to slash the face and sister of 6ix9ine’s girlfriend. She’s not too concerned about racketeering; but the brutal acts charges have her worried. According to New York State’s definition, brutal acts, such as slashing, are looked at as savagery.

The government puts this alleged act along the lines of trying to cut someone’s arm or leg off – affecting them for the rest of their life. Brim, who pleaded not guilty to both counts, was allowed to remain on house arrest for the time being until she delivers her baby. Star isn’t allowed to have any contact with co-defendants, as well as having restricted social media access.

She’s been quiet on anything pertaining to the situation, but did share a clip of playing with her hair – where she didn’t seem too concerned.

With that being said, this week, the prosecution has revealed the first leak of detailed evidence against the 59 Brims, announcing a secret gang Facebook group. There, details regarding the attack on Jerlaine ‘Noni’ Little were confirmed. Noni, a former member of the camp, left and joined a rival gang.

Dating back to August 2018, Little was slashed on her face, where she had to have surgery. In the Facebook chat, the camp discussed plans to harm Little, as well as laughing at her after the situation.

The government also highlighted more conversations with Sean ‘Kash’ Gambrell and Markell ‘Kellz’ Bobian of the 59 Brims discussing violent acts to harm street people and possessing firearms. One of the incriminating conversations is also tied to a murder that prosecutors are trying to pin on somebody.

While Star Brim wasn’t revealed in conversations for the initial leak, this can’t be good heading forward. The government revealed that this was just one of hundreds of conversations privately held on the social media platform. Take a look at the .pdf file leaked from the case below.

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