Star Reacts to Praise from Joe Budden after Charlamagne Controversy in Hilarious Fashion


Star response Joe Budden dissing Charlamagne, in the most hilarious way possible. A few days ago, Star went in on Joe Budden, bringing to light every allegation from past women in his life.

The smear campaign, which lasted two weeks until Joey left Spotify today, had Star questioning who was behind the situation. This led to him brining up Charlamagne tha God threatening to sue bloggers, for alleging rumors on multiple situations in his life.

Last weekend, Buddens returned to his podcast, after dealing with a personal matter with his immediate family (he didn’t walk off the set because he was depressed). Surprisingly, Joey gave Star his flowers, calling him the King of media, which is the general consensus of the industry.

However, Star was taken back by the praise and for once was lost for words. Star claimed the clever plan from Joey to show appreciation, made him compromised and no longer wanted to cover the situation. It go so funny, that Star said he’s even taking a personal vacation from the show.

Take a look at possibly the first and only time Star will ever let a person take him out of his element.

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