Stunna 4 Vegas – Rap Game LeBron

Artist: Stunna 4 Vegas
Song: “Rap Game LeBron”
Producer: Milan Makes Beats
Album: TBD
Director: Rick Lancaster

It looks like Stunna 4 Vegas is gaining some steam online after the release of his BIG 4X album earlier this year, but things are still building. Though “Rap Game LeBron” isn’t on the effort and is just a freestyle, the North Carolina native is making sure he keeps the streets fed through visuals. In the clip, he’s flexing with his cash out, as he makes his way from the hotel through the block in the whip. Just another day with the homies for Stunna.

We’re not sure if comparing yourself to LBJ is the thing to do nowadays since he didn’t even make the playoffs, but we get what he’s saying. Plus, maybe wear an actual LeBron jersey instead of a SuperSonics throwback.

OS REWIND: Stunna 4 Vegas – Intro [Music Video]

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