Sub-0 Calls Out New York City for Bimmy Situation after Receiving Alpo Martinez Backlash

Sub-0 Calls Out New York City, Bimmy Situation


Sub-0 calls out New York City, Bimmy situation that has been ignored by multiple respected individuals in the streets after Alpo backlash. Following the passing of Big Po two years ago, Sub-0 has been at the helm of backlash received for supporting the King of Harlem.

Now, this weekend, some information has become public about former Supreme Team member Bimmy, which has carried controversy. Before the alleged paperwork was revealed, Bimmy sat down with Gully TV for a conversation to clear things up. However, since the paperwork has been released, there hasn’t been an official comment made.

Take a look at Sub-0 giving his take on the situation below.

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